This agreement, hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement", is concluded between the CryptoBucks Exchange, which has an Internet address hereinafter referred to as "CryptoBucks Exchange" or the "Site" and CryptoBucks Exchange services, hereinafter referred to as the "User". Agreement to set the conditions for exchanging cryptocurrencies through CryptoBucks Exchange and use its services.


1. This Agreement is concluded between the User and CryptoBucks Exchange at the time of ordering. The user confirms his agreement with the conditions established by this Agreement.

2. The user can be any person, the method of payment for the ordered goods in the manner and on the terms given in this Agreement.

RESPONSIBILITIES of CryptoBucks Exchanger

1. Provide access to the User account.

2. Provide information and technical support to the User in case of problems during the exchange.

3. Provide the necessary tools for creating an application and exchanging cryptocurrencies.

4. Subject to all the conditions of this Agreement and the transfer of funds to accounts and wallets CryptoBucks Exchange timely and accurately in accordance with the created exchange request, transfer the required currency to the User to the details provided by the User

CryptoBucks Exchanger IS NOT RESPONSIBLE

1. For possible financial losses associated with erroneous actions when transferring cryptocurrencies, the use of a blockchain network that does not correspond to the exchange coin network, or in case of loss of access to electronic wallets, the user's account on the CryptoBucks Exchange website.

2. The parties are not responsible for non-delivery of messages through any means of communication, including e-mail due to technical problems on the Internet, disruption of communication, hosting problems and other reasons beyond the control of the CryptoBucks Exchange administration.

3. Dear users! Provide ONLY real and valid contact information (mail, etc.) If it becomes necessary to replace the details or return on request, the actions will be performed ONLY by e-mail and confirmed by your other contact information. If you specify invalid data, access to your account will be lost forever.


1. Receive the necessary information about any changes to the Services of the CryptoBucks Exchange service.

2. Receive information and technical support when working with an account in the CryptoBucks Exchanger service, including how to restore access to the User's account.

3. Receive complete information on the progress of the exchange of your funds

4. Refuse at any time unilaterally from the execution of this Agreement.


1. Create fake accounts on the website, use someone else's, fake documents during verification.

2. Use illegally obtained cryptocurrency when exchanging for CryptoBucks Exchanger.

3. Use someone else's credit cards without being authorized to do so.

4. Use CryptoBucks Exchanger in fraudulent schemes.

5. Use CryptoBucks Exchange as a platform for money laundering.

For violation of these rules, the execution of this Agreement is refused, the User's account is irretrievably blocked.


To exchange cryptocurrency, the User needs to register an account on the CryptoBucks Exchange website, fulfill the conditions when registering an account. After creating an account on the site, select exchange options and create an exchange request. When transferring the exchanged currency, you can use both your own electronic wallets, as well as replenish your account balance and make an exchange. When making an exchange, you must accept the terms of the exchange and make a transfer to the specified details in the application. After receiving your funds to our account, the currency will be transferred to your details that you specified when creating an exchange request.


1. When conducting suspicious transactions, CryptoBucks Exchanger has the right to request information from the user about the source of funds and the legality of the currency exchange.

2. CryptoBucks Exchange values ​​its customers and always strives for a comfortable and fast service.


1. CryptoBucks Exchange guarantees that no information received by the User will ever be provided to third parties under any circumstances.

2. The information on this Site is for informational purposes only, and any changes may be made to it without any prior notice.

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